This is me, Priyanka Jayaswal , a third year undergraduate student of the Department of Mathematics , enrolled in it's five year Integrated M. Sc. course of Mathematics and Computing. I am a proud student of India's oldest Institute of Technology , IIT Kharagpur.


What more do you need than the serenity of a satisfied soul which feels accomplished over the worldly pleasures which lure upon it. That's not the ultimate aim atleast not for me. Be free, live healthy and play an interchanging role in life too (it has it's own fun),you control your life but at times let your life too control you.

I believe in exploring all the possibilities of life and try to adapt in even the worse of the situations. Life is fun only if you start believing in the power of acceptance. With these principles in mind I have been involved in exploring all aspects which interests me and thus had been a tech enthusiast being a Mechanical Team member at KRSSG , a junior coordinator and finally a Sub-Head at National Students' Space Challenge . Not just this, I have even tried my hands as a deco-team member at Shaurya and a volunteer at Kshitij in my first year. This search did not take a halt even when I have come to second year as I had been selected at The Core Organzing Team Member at Kshitij 2014 and have been promoted as the Core Organizing Team Head - Events for the upcoming edition. I still wish to explore a hell lot of things still left in this vast campus where mysterious fellow mates dwell together and you may never judge the fun you may have with them merely by looking at them, so I do make friends often to analyse the human nature which is another part of my interest.

Well moving forward ,I am a native of Patna , the capital city of Bihar situated at the banks of Ganges. The city full of liveliness , rich food and helping faces all around. My life has been shaped here and I seriously love this amazing place of which I'm an integral part.

This was a very short expected zest of my personality. Another character I believe I possess tough may be bad at times is that I am best when i'm good but the most horrible person you may have ever met if goes mad. ;)